Supex 5L Fuel Container

Supex 5L Fuel Container

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5L red plastic fuel container, fully approved and compliant with standards.

Don’t run the risk of being unprepared and under supplied with inadequate fuel supplies during your next camping or off-roading expedition. Stock up with this Australian made, leakproof 5L fuel container.

Your fuel supplies are guaranteed to be transported safely between destinations so you’re not left stranded.

5L capacity, with compact storage design for space-saving.
Manufactured with quality leak-proof plastic reducing the risk of punctures and cracks.
Standard red fuel container colour.
Detachable safe pour spout included.
Aeroflow designed spout to prevent “glugging.”
Easily transportable with top handle.
Fully tested and compliant with Australian standards.

Australian made

Dimensions: 22 (L) x 25 (W) x 14cm (W)

Capacity: 5L