Sealed Beam 114mm Quartz Halogen  100W Hand Held Spotlight
Sealed Beam 114mm Quartz Halogen  100W Hand Held Spotlight
Sealed Beam 114mm Quartz Halogen  100W Hand Held Spotlight
Sealed Beam 114mm Quartz Halogen  100W Hand Held Spotlight

Sealed Beam 114mm Quartz Halogen 100W Hand Held Spotlight

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Fully sealed beam Spotlight! This Australian Made spotty is designed to be used as a searchlight from your vehicle or boat, and is very popular for marine applications. It connects directly to your battery to ensure you have uninterrupted light all night long. It is our most lightweight for easier portability, and is least expensive spotlight. If you are looking for more light, but still lightweight we suggest checking out our 145mm Sealed Beam Spotlight!

Special Feature - Sealed Beam
Size – 114mm (Diameter) x 130mm (Depth)
Voltage – 12V
Power – 100W
Light Type – Quartz Halogen (QH)
Beam Type – Flood Beam
Base – Pistol Grip Handle with 5/16 Thread
Amp Use – Draws 8.3Amps
Beam Distance – TBC

Main Components for Modifications & Repairs:
Bulb: 12V 100W Globe
Lens: Toughened Glass
Reflector: Heat Resistant Alloy Reflector
Case: Anodized Alloy
Base: Pistol Grip Handle
Package Includes:

Powa Beam 145mm 100W QH Spotlight
3.5m Cable
Electrical Connectors
Battery Clips
Toggle Switch
Powa Beam Bumper Sticker

Why Own a Powa Beam?
Australian Made – The main components of Powa Beam Spotlights are manufactured in Victoria, Australia including the reflectors and outer cases. The lights are then assembled in our warehouse at Billinudgel, NSW with each one hand focused to produce the optimum light beam.

Designed to Last – Don’t get sucked into buying a cheap light that breaks easily and you have to throw it out and buy a new one every couple of years. With a Powa Beam light you can have the confidence of knowing that they are made from premium quality materials including alloy reflectors and cases that are able to withstand the harsh Australian climate. In the event that your bulb may blow or you have accidentally damaged the light, no matter what part you require, it will be available.

Performance – Powa Beam Spotlights have been regarded as one of the best on the market for over 60 years. They are used by fishers, farmers, hunters and professional shooters, you may have noticed a big silver light on a 4wd ute roof, that’s probably a Powa Beam!

Xenon HID or Quartz Halogen?
We get asked many times about the difference between our QH & HID spotlights and which is better. The answer is not the same for everyone so we have tried to summarise the important considerations so you can make your own decision.
Price – QH is much more affordable than HID so if price is important or you don’t require the extra punch that HID produces then we would say choose QH.
Distance – If you are looking for maximum beam distance then HID is your winner
Power Consumption – Our HID lights are only 55W & 70W which means they draw less power than a 100W QH while producing more light.
Maintenance – The QH is basically powered by a simple cable to a bulb which leaves, while HID lights

Spotlight Warranty
Powa Beam’s limited warranty guarantees that all Powa Beam brand products are to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of 3 YEARS after retail purchase from an authorized dealer. Please retain proof of purchase for warranty purposes.
This guarantee excludes, but is not limited to, damages from road hazards/accidents, improper installation (including wiring) or operation, modification, unauthorized repair, misapplication or deliberate damage. It also excludes any consequential damage or inconvenience caused by failure of the product. Powa Beam’s liability is limited to the repair or replacement at Powa Beam’ discretion. No warranty exists for bulbs, globes or lens unless specified.

Do not touch the HID bulb, ballast and cord after turning on the system: It generates 20,000 voltage while turned on and may cause burns or fatal accidents by electric shock, as well as shorten the lifespan of the bulb.
Do not turn on/off frequently: It will shorten the lifespan of the bulb. It may also cause the HID bulb not to turn on which is an indication that the safety circuit is activated on the ballast and it is not a fault. Wait a while then turn it back on.
If HID turns off while in use: Turn it off at the switch and wait approximately 15min then turn it on again. If the bulb returns to its normal condition then this indicates that a safety switch was activated and you can continue using the light. If there is no improvement then contact the store you purchased the light from.