Jimmy's ThunderBox™ In-viro™ degradable toilet bags.

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The perfect match for your ThunderBox™

In-viro™ fully degradable toilet bags - are designed for landfill, compost and
soil deposit - They will ultimately biodegrade when buried with toilet waste, only carbon dioxide water and biomass will remain, leaving non-toxic by-products.

Cut the bottom out of an In-viro bag and place it inside your toilet with about
7cm or 3" folded over the top, close the seat and turn the catch, this will keep the inside of your camp toilet clean. These In-viro bags can also be used in a bucket -- More information

These 72 litre In-viro Bags are 90cm deep x 75cm wide and they make the perfect
liner to keep your camp toilet sparkling clean.

6 bags per pack.