SAVITREK the brand is a family-owned business founded in 2018 by Marvin, an outdoor adventure lover with great help from his partner Eliana & loving daughter Yasmin

With his mate coming on board to help out with the production of manufacturing and final steps before our launch.

Together as a family we created products that we found we have needed in the past, instead of having multiple products or items that are used for different occasions, our quality all round products can be used anywhere anytime, in or outdoors, day or night, not just for comfort, warmth and fun, but also in case of safety and help to be rescued and found in the Outback, broken down on the side of the road or anywhere were rescuing is required. Also, a great product for first response personnel at all levels.

With our 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction (see our Return Policy)

There is no need to buy several other blankets for your needs when you only need 1.


Our innovative Patent Pending, Branded SAVITREK multi-purpose blanket for Leisure, safety and survival and also as a simple outdoor Picnic, beach, camping blanket an all- round blanket, suited for all your needs from trekking adventure to mountain climbing, lazing poolside to riverside, in house to outdoor patio, back yard, from park bench at Cape York to top of the mountains in Tasmania, while playing on the grass a with your baby as a blanket. Go for a picnic with the family at Cradle Mountain to sitting on the rocks next to waterways of King George River, have a coffee, having a coldie or sipping on a glass of wine. Spending time with the love of your life while playing fetch ball with your dog. The true love of pleasures is never ending.

Designed for the Aussie outback mate, to withstand the rugged landscape from desert heat to winter freezing snow. Never lose yourself and be easily noticed day or night. Great as a stadium blanket, concert blanket, and to watch all your outdoor winter snowboarding, skiing, sledding events, great for the football, cricket, friends & family at local game days.

IDEAL TO HAVE 1, in the car boot, ute, truck, RV, ATV, caravan, house linen closet, from the mountain log cabin to any travel pack ready as an outdoor adventure hiking blanket.

Great size for you is 2200mm x 1480mm will fit most families.

We hope you enjoy our all-round blanket, made with love from the SAVITREK family.

Your Favorite Team,