Hard Candy 4X4

Hard Candy 4x4 is a Brisbane based manufacturer specializing in off-road, 4x4, and camper accessories. Our product range evolved from years of four wheel driving and learning from the design limitations of the generic accessories sold by most distributors.

From personal experience, many accessories currently available on the market are either very cheaply made and don't last, not practical in the real world, or just overpriced.
All Hard Candy 4x4 products have been designed and tested right here in Australia to the most stringent specifications resulting in the highest quality products. Our products are designed for 4WDers by 4WDers to handle the harsh off road conditions we experience.
Hard Candy 4x4 is based in Brisbane, Australia where we design and test all of our products. Where ever possible, we use Australian made components. Hard Candy 4x4 proudly supports local industry helping to keep as much of our hard earned money from going overseas.