Fish River Swags

Fishriver Swags
At Fish River Swags we pride ourselves on producing quality, premium Camping Swags. All our Swags and hand-crafted in-store from quality Australian-made canvas and fittings. Based in Bathurst in Central West NSW and drawing on years of experience we produce an authentic Australian swag that is both durable and comfortable in Aussie conditions. We manufacture King Single, Double and Queen size swags in a range of modern colours.

Every Fish River Product is hand-made with love by Andrew & Chanda in our modern, clean workshop and store with modern machines and tools to ensure we are producing the best quality swags we can. Andrew, with 35 years experience as a motor trimmer and Chanda, a tailor for over 23 years combine a love of what they do with a dedication to quality and attention to detail. Fish River Swags are produced in Bathurst in our modern clean workshop and store with modern machines and tools to ensure we are producing the best quality swag we can. Our Swag features a tough Tear Stop base which is Strong and durable for maximum protection for your swag, The Swag Canopy comes in a range of colours and is a very strong 15oz canvas to give you extra protection from the harshest of weather conditions. We make all our mattresses in-house with High Density foam this is why we give all our mattresses a 10 year warranty and they have a weight capacity of 110kg per person, they comprise of 2 different hardnesses to give maximum comfort and support and with a convoluted top make for easy rolling.
Hand crafted, Aussie made in-store from only the best Australian-made canvas and fittings. Our swags feature a tough rip-stop base which is strong and durable for maximum protection for your swag, and a durable yet breathable 15oz rip-stop canvas upper to give you extra protection from the harshest of weather conditions – available in a great range of colours. Both canvas and stitching colours can be chosen to customise the look of your swag.

Our Swag mattresses are all made in house using only high density foam for the best comfort & support, the 50mm base is a firmer foam that gives the support under the softer 50mm convolute top, that also makes the swag manageable to roll up.
The Versatile Swag

The development of Fish River Swags is one of experiment and refinement. Our experienced team have worked on the design and construction over many years ensuring that a Fish River Swag works the way it should, is durable and above all comfortable.

Our Swags feature unique designs enabling them to be setup in several configurations to suit the climate and personal preference.
At Fish River Swags we believe in our product and therefor offer a Lifetime Warranty on the Swag and a 10 year Warranty on the mattress – from the date of purchase. We will correct any defect in our product resulting from faulty manufacture, materials or workmanship either by repairing or replacing the product at our discretion.


Located on the inside of your swag.

This warranty does not cover faults or damage caused by incorrect use or mistreatment and faults or damage that are considered normal wear and tear.

Any warranty claim must be accompanied by proof of purchase including the date and place of purchase. Faulty products must be returned to the place of purchase and return postage is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Our obligations with this warranty are with the original purchaser only and may not be transferred.
REGISTER YOUR WARRANTY TODAY – Fill in and post the card provided.


A simple guide on how to quickly setup your Fish River Swag

Select a suitable area to setup your swag, unroll the swag
and using 4 of the supplied pegs, peg out the corners of the swag as below.

Assemble ridge pole (3 pieces)
Place ridgepole through webbing loops with quick release handle facing the front

Put rear swag extension pole into eyelet and extend roughly to approximate height.
Put front swag extension pole into front of swag through eyelet and extend to
approximate height.

Place ridge pole on the extension pole spigot at rear & front.
Extend ridge pole to push front & rear pole apart. Adjust height of front & rear pole to correct height

Using rope attach to front & rear poles and peg to ground and tension

Swag poles & ropes can be used to raise the side mesh awning extension as desired