Ezy Anchor


Ezy Anchor Screw In Tent Pegs is the product of some 25 years of camping and caravanning across and through Australia – from Fraser Island to Lawn Hill to Kakadu to Broome to Esperance to Broken Hill and beyond. After 23 years of setting up and taking down camp in our tents, hard floor camper trailer, hybrid camper and now our caravan, we felt there had to be a better way of driving and pulling tent pegs.

I became aware of people using coach screws as tent pegs without the additional support of hooks or ties. I tried this method for two years, and having experienced some severe wild and windy weather, found that they were not secure enough and would not anchor in some ground conditions and in one instance, we nearly lost our caravan awning over the roof!

My son, an avid camper, fisherman and outdoorsman, is a fitter machinist and draftsperson by trade. We began researching the design and manufacture of Ezy Anchor Screw In Tent Pegs that would be Safe, Secure and Strong and that would withstand the majority of environments and weather conditions.

After substantial research and 3D development of many shapes, sizes and product types, the Ezy Anchor was born. The design is registered with IP Australia and has attained certification.

The Ezy Anchor is made from a durable recyclable plastic with the screw pegs positioned at an approximate 30 degree angle. This has been designed to provide greater resistance in the ground when under load, whilst the signature hook shape Ezy Anchor stops guy lines being released in any weather conditions.

The colour of the Ezy Anchor has been chosen to increase visibility both in daylight and at night. It has a low profile with a countersunk screw peg washer head which means it is safer in the event of tripping as all surfaces are rounded and there is no exposed metal to cause injury to flesh.

It will not allow your guy lines to release during severe weather. This is thanks to the unique shape developed through tireless research, trial and error.

When installed as directed in our videos and then loads are applied, it will not give way or elongate to the point of your awning, tent or pop up structure being damaged in these types of weather conditions.

Ezy Anchor Screw In Tent Pegs makes set up and take down time extremely quick with the use of a cordless drill or impact driver, meaning the recreational time that you have come to enjoy is available in minutes and not hours.

Ezy Anchor Screw In Tent Pegshas been designed for use by any member of the family that is of an age who are safe to use a cordless drill or impact driver and therefore family members are happy helping to set up and take down camp. What could be better?

Having spent some 23 years working with Geotechnical engineers doing project design for Marine piled structures such as wharves, commercial marinas, pontoons, jetties and piled moorings in all areas from Darwin to Port Lincoln and the Pacific Region I gained a lot of knowledge about what works where and the very extensive range of Ground Strata.

This knowledge lead to our Screw In Tent Peg design which is unique in that the thread is greater than the shaft and the pitch of the thread is perfect in providing the maximum in ground tent peg holding capacity.




  1. Take your cordless drill or impact driver
  2. Connect the Torx driver bit to the drill/driver and secure in the chuck
  3. Pick up your Ezy Anchor with screw in position through the Ezy Anchor
  4. Connect your guy rope to the hook
  5. Hold the guy rope and hook together with your guiding hand
  6. Pick up the drill and driver in your driving hand
  7. Insert the Torx driver into the head of the screw
  8. Place drill in forward drilling position
  9. Commence drilling the screw downward into the earth keeping the EzyAnchor parallel to the earth so the screw penetrates at its set angle.
  10. Installation complete

Should you strike a solid object whilst installing the screw, remove and reposition the screw to another position close to or adjacent to the original required position.


  1. With your drill in hand and Torx driver bit connected and secured within your drill chuck connect the Torx bit driver to the screw head.
  2. Hold the hook and guy rope in one hand, place drill in reverse and screw out.
  3. Removal complete

* In the event of a flat battery you can connect a shifting spanner to the driver bit shaft and unscrew manually to a point where you can remove the screw from the ground.

** Remember to regularly charge your drill or impact driver battery.