The Crockery That 'CLIPS'
The World's FIRST 'Clip-together' Crockery
Imagine a peaceful road trip where the crockery in the back of your car, caravan or boat is simply silent! Or packing for that picnic, camping trip or BBQ is quick and easy. Perhaps you're searching for an easier and cleaner way to store your dirty dishes for washing later at a more convenient time? Or you're looking for a tableware range that stacks safely in your motorhome cupboards? Simply 'clip' your plates, dishes, bowls or cups together for an anti-rattle, easily stacked & packed, hassle-free life! ClipCroc® has arrived!


 The ClipCroc Story...
In October 2013, Rich and his life partner, Lindsey, relocated to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland via a 5000km camping road trip!
BUT… during the journey, Rich & Lindsey found the constant rattle in the back of their SUV from their plates, dishes bowls and cups was driving them CRAZY! After stopping on the highway many times to re-organise the kitchen box and even resorting to wrapping clothes around the various rattling items, they finally decided they’d had enough!


*** Disposable / Single-use plates go to landfill!
*** Reusable plastic crockery rattles & slides around!
*** Reusable crockery lacks features, functions & innovation!
*** Never a good time or place to wash up….making it too tempting to simply throw disposable crockery away 🙁
Silence and hassle-free travel trips... at last!
What do you do once you’ve had the idea? Quit your day job and commit to it is what we say!

In September 2015 we joined our local Innovation Centre and purchased a CAD software program. Over the next 5 years we took the concept through the whole product development process from designing & prototyping to testing and tooling manufacture!

Finally, after 1000’s of samples and literally years of trying, ClipCroc® worked perfectly! Since then we have moved onto full production manufacture in Brisbane, Australia, and we have been supplying customers worldwide with ClipCroc® ever since!
ClipCroc® has arrived!
Introducing the World’s FIRST Clip-Together Tableware Range – ClipCroc®!
Personally, we believe ClipCroc® is the most user-friendly, feature-packed and functional plastic tableware on earth!

We only use the finest materials and the best Australian-made manufacture to ensure all ClipCroc® items are literally flawless and give nothing but the perfect Clip!

Our FDA-approved, BPA-free, virgin grade polypropylene is heat and scratch-resistant, high gloss, high strength, and built for longevity, performance, and endurance. We’ve also added UV and colour fasteners to ensure the ClipCroc® won’t “yellow” in the sunshine or the colours fade over time.

Since launch, we’re proud to say ClipCroc® has literally saved a MILLION single-use plastics from landfill and received fabulous reviews from our customers!
2021: ClipCroc® has now SAVED 1 MILLION paper plates from Landfill!